18 January 2012

Searching help for the first steps of business start up in Hamburg

The idea of Marapulai was born and the plan was made, now there was the question of "how to start" the business planning.
At this point it was really good, that there was free help for the start up in Hamburg. We went to the chamber of commerce and they kindly helped us with collected information. There is a special start up information center. With a bunch of prospects and information we go home for looking through.

We found a project called "Hamburg Business Starter” (HBS), it is a project of AQtivus gGmbH in cooperation with the Association of independent migrants e.V. (ASM) and the city Hamburg. They have set the target to sustainably support business start-ups in Hamburg, through consultation, workshops and coaching sessions, and to qualify - before, during and after their formation. The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Department of Economics and Labour (BWA) financed. 

This project Hamburger Business Starter is for free. Seminar topics are e.g. accounting, definition of target groups, tax, marketing, bank discussion, online marketing and so on. What helped us for Marapulai Clothing is that you directly work with your own business idea.

Help for the own terms and conditions and the imprint for your german homepage are on AGB for free available. It´s really easy and thanks for that.

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