13 February 2012

Marapulai - handmade shoes

Marapulai - SATUCREME lowMarapulai - TIGOGREYMarapulai - TIGOBLACK highMarapulai - TIGOBROWNMarapulai - TIGOdarkblueMarapulai TIGOlightblue
Marapulai - TIGOLIGHTBLUEMarapulai - SATUWHITE lowMarapulai - TIGOPURPLEMarapulai - TIGOCREME lowMarapulai TIGOred

Marapulai - handmade shoes, ein Album auf Flickr.
Here you can see the trend colours of Marapulai shoes. First production of handmade sneakers.
We are proud to present it. Our online shop www.marapulai.de

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