31 March 2012

Great advertising with the topic of Indonesia

Discovered a great advertising of camel active. 

Topic is Indonesia. Here the pic I made of the front window of camel active shop.

If you click your way through the homepage it´s really nice.   http://www.camelactive.de/

You can feel Indonesia's diversity with real sound of the country.

And you can also watch a short movie. I like the song!


30 March 2012

Indonesia map as a trade mark of Marapulai sneakers sole

Since 2006 while the master school term in Bremen, Ilham was determined and wished to make an Indonesian shoe brand with the Indonesian map on the sole of the shoes. The idea he has designed with sketches in his diary. Entrepreneurial spirit was always in his mind. But first he has to finish his master degree in digital media in Bremerhaven in order to realize the idea. Therefore, the shoes were finally produced in 2011, right after he graduated.

To show you, I take a pic of his diary sketches...

Because there are more than 17.000 islands in Indonesia, he simplifies the map just with the biggest and most famous islands: Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya. Second reason is that the construction of the sole has to be strong.

Several versions of the sole designs...

The basic concept is to include whole Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke in the Marapulai footprint. Later he will modify the sole design depending on the upper design of the shoes. Here is the final version.

Just have a look at our homepage  www.marapulai.de

19 March 2012

Our first customers

One day before we made Open House, we already had our first customers from Hamburg and Bremen.

We are glad for Marlen and Abrian.

More pics you see on MarapulaiHamburg.
Or you can see our google map, where our customers live.

Marapulai auf Dawanda

Alle Produkte von Marapulai

Please have a look at our Dawanda Shop. Step by step we upload more shoes.