17 May 2012

Modelling and rendering of a new design

Modelling and rendering of a new shoe design with forms of gypsum
If you are interested in, how Ilham is doing his shoe model, before the prototype is done. 
Here you can see it. A few pictures showing the process.

Ilham at work, smoothing the first crude form.

First crude form of gypsum.

Finished form of gypsum.
Taping the form for designing.

Taped form.
Design the form for a new shoe model.


Taking a picture of the gypsum form and then rendering by photoshop. These are example colours.

1 comment:

  1. Ada model sepatu buat kaki bebek, kaga?
    Kaki gua bentuknya kaya bebek, melebar jari-jarinya. Jadinya kalau bentuk lancip lumayan kaga nyaman.