04 July 2012

Make the world colorful with Washi Tape

To make the world colorful with Washi Tape we use it here for nice things to colour our life. So we use it for labeling our shoes in the show shelf.

Or we use Masking Tape also called Washi Tape to decorate our packages more nicer.
This tape is made of japanese rice paper, so easy to cut and tear, but it´s stable, too. Perfect!

It´s for creative people, who want to make an easy, fast and beautiful handcraftet coloured design. So let´s get it on: we colour our life and the life of your customers.

Masking Tape from nauli

 You can get it for example at nauli online shop, where we get it.
 They have really nice colours. Have a look...
So we hope you will also colour your life and make someone a joy. 
Go fot it!

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