28 August 2012

Monday Urban Moments - Indonesian Food

The Indonesian cuisine is one of the varied and best of the world. Here are a few pics of our meals, when we were in Indonesia.  The first menu is „Bakso“, a soup with meat or fish balls. As dessert Ilham eats "es campur" (Indonesian for "mixed ice"), which is the traditional ice and an alternative to modern ice cream. 
In the right picture you see a mixed menu with “ayam goreng” (fried chicken) with “tempeh” (a traditional fried soybean product), also „tahu“, a fried Tofu and „lontong“, rice steamed in banana leaves. Like you can see there are a spoon and a fork, that´s how an Indonesian meal commonly is eaten.

You are wondering, why there is something pink on the plate? Yes, it is pink “krupuk” a special kind of shrimp crackers. The egg is topped with „sambal“, a hot chili-based saucewith garlic and onions.  Last but not least there is „mie goreng“, Indonesian for fried noodles with „ayam goreng” (fried chicken) and as a drink a lemon ice tea.

And that´s how happy you can be to eat the real indonesian food after a long time in germany. :-) Ilham is eating "nasi timbel" served on bamboo leaves. I´m drinking a "jus jeruk", a fresh orange juice. Almost every day I tried an other fresh juice. Fruit juices are very popular, there are so many, like guava (jus jambu), mango (jus mangga), soursop (jus sirsak), pineapple (jus nanas) and so much more. 

It is so delicious! Try to cook it!

Bon appetite!
Selamat makan!


  1. Oh dear, you make me hungry!

  2. Yeah! Me too. It´s so tasty, maybe we should cook something indonesian on the weekend together. :-)

  3. Your blog about Indonesian foodis really awesome and this food looks delicious. I like Indonesian cuisine food very much and i have tried many Indonesian recipes which i got from youtube and many other website. I like visiting Indonesian restaurants in weekend.