18 September 2012

Monday Urban Moments - Meeting "Andra and the Backbone"

Today´s Monday Urban Moments is special, because Ilham has met the Indonesian rockband "Andra and the Backbone" in their recording studio in Gandaria, Jakarta and in the band-office in Pondok Indah, Jakarta.

They met for the preparations for the first Marapulai Clothing order of the rock band "Andra and the Backbone" for their Germany and Europe tour "Rock for good" next year in May and June 2013. We vest the band with Marapulai shoes. The concert organizer is the PPI Hamburg, an Indonesian student organization.

The members of the band "Andra and the Backbone" are: 
Guitarist: Andra Junaidi,  Guitarist: Stevie Morley,  Vocalist: Dedy Lisan

Gun Nadi
Cameraman: M Dien Nur Nirwan
Thanks for meeting you guys!

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