04 September 2012

Monday Urban Moments - Ride a motorcycle in Jakarta

For a new Monday topic I choose motorcycling in Jakarta, because it was really an experience for me. I never ever drove on a motorcycle before, well let´s say I was afraid and always had the possibility to get a car in Germany. :-) But in Indonesia the problem is the traffic jam. If you drive with a car, you need so much longer for a route than with a motorcycle. And that´s why... Ilham requested that I just try it, to sit on the motorcycle with him.

You see some impressions, how it is to be on the street with a bike. In Indonesia to wear a helmet is an obligation. Don´t wonder, I need a scarf on my nose and mouth, because there is so many waste gas. In the raining season you have also the problem of flooded roads and holes in the asphalt. But you cannot go fast anyway, like you see on the speedo it´s about 30 km/h. So, maybe take a break and have something to drink in front of this small colourful shop?!  

In the end... I survived a 4,5 hours (one way) trip!  And like to go again! ;-)

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