28 October 2012

IndonesiaKreatif interviewed Marapulai

We were interviewed by Indonesiankreatif about our idea and background story for the preparations of PPKI (Indonesia Creative Products Week) 2012 to be held on 21.-25. November 2012 in Epiwalk, Jakarta. 
The article about Marapulai you find in the segment "Creativepreneur", where are also more stories about successful, unique and innovative entrepreneurs from Indonesia.
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16 October 2012

Monday Urban Moments - Art in Bali

After a week in Bali I have many impressions of the handkrafted things on that indonesian island. Which I want to share with you. When you drive throuh the countryside, everywhere you can see things we don´t have in germany. Whether at the beachside or on the hills in direction to Ubud, on every traffic circle is a high statue. 

Unbelievable what art can do to make a city look nicer. From history of Hindiusm saga, every statue stands for a story. And Bali makes a statement, that it is a hindu island. The monuments are about 12 meters high. Maybe we should take a few ideas from Bali to make our Countryside nicer. What do you think?