23 November 2013

Now Marapulai handmade leather bags and handphone cases

We are extending our Marapulai products. Now we have leather bags and handphone cases for you. Only handcrafted without any machines or glue. Ilham only uses cow leather and yarn for making this bags and cases.

Ilham is designing and sewing leather bags and handphone cases at our home in Hamburg, Germany. He loves do to everything with leather, so he decided to do new products.

You can find the Marapulai leather bags and cases in our Etsy Online Store
Just have a look. 

If you need a christmas gift, so here you can find it for sure. 

21 September 2013

Marapulai beim Der.die.sein.Markt am 21.09.13

Marapulai beim Der.die.sein.Markt am 21.09.13
WOW! Unsere Marapulai Premiere auf dem Der.Die.Sein Markt am Samstag, den 21.09.2013 in der Hamburger Hafencity. Kommt einfach vorbei und besucht uns von 11 - 18 Uhr im Unilever-Haus in Hamburg. Wir hoffen auf viele Besucher! Für weitere Informationen schaut hier bei der Der.Die.Sein.Markt Facebook fanpage.

Wer am Samstag nicht kommen kann, hat auch die Möglichkeit die Schuhe bei Leben&Art am Duvendahl in Stelle anzuprobieren.


Marapulai at Der.die.sein.Markt on 21.09.2013
WOW! Our Marapulai premiere at the deisgn maket Der.Die.Sein Markt on Saturday, 21.09.2013 in Hamburg HafenCity. Just come and visit us from 11-18 in the Unilever building in Hamburg. We hope to see many visitors! For more information look here at Der.Die.Sein.Markt Facebook fanpage.

Those who cannot come on Saturday, also have the opportunity to try on the shoes at Leben&Art am Duvendahl in Stelle.

18 March 2013

Rock for Good - Charity Concert in Hamburg

We support the project "Rock for Good".

"With a mission in support of education in remote areas of Indonesia, the Associations of Indonesian students in Germany form a team to organize a benefit concert with Andra & The Backbone and Ari Lasso.

As a teenager ... who have the opportunity to study abroad, where there are adequate facilities for learning for everyone, we feel very sad. We want to make a small step forward and do something meaningful, to change the status quo in Indonesia. We want our brothers / sisters help the nation to raise awareness of the poor learning conditions and to pursue fundraising to "Indonesia Mengajar" to support movement. Above all we want with this concert as our agent, to inspire others to take care of education in Indonesia. So please support us with rock music for a good cause! "
(Rock4Good team)

There will be a concert in summer 2013 in Hamburg and one in Karlsruhe. Ticket sales will begin soon. If you have interest to attend one of the concerts, you can subscribe to the reminder you like so you can inform the organizers. There will be a big indonesian market at one day called
Pasar Hamburg on the 1 of june 2013 in Hamburg.

So come and get your ticket!

08 February 2013

Marapulai Shoe Party 22.2.2013


On Friday, 22. Feb. 2013, we will have
a shoe party from 18 pm together with the Community Shop "Life & Art am Duvendahl" in Stelle (between Hamburg and Lüneburg). There will be snacks, drinks and music. Other attractions and discount prices for the day also be offered.

For more information, stay tuned!

30 January 2013

New designs for the new year 2013

First of all (although it is a bit late) we want to wish you a happy new year and a successful 2013! 

And we begin this year with good news. We can tell you, the new Marapulai shoes designs are finished! Marapulai handmade shoes has a new collection in 2013. Here are a few designs, more you can see on our Online Shop.

You can now preorder it with your customize leather colors and sole color in sizes 36 to 47. We make the handmade shoes in our manufactory especially for you according to your color wishes. Of course every shoe has the indonesian map on the sole. Sneakers you must have!