06 July 2014

Our news about our life and Marapulai

Our news about our life and Marapulai in 2014
Me (Ilham) and my wife (Saskia) are doing our business as a start up since 2011 to built up our dream of being creative entrepreneurs. I am a studied product designer and product maker. I have a bachelor degree from Indonesia and master degree from germany. I am living in germany for the last around 9 years and married with my wife in 2010 in germany. First I am doing my handmade business as a side job and now I am already quit my dayjob and trying to live from our handmade brand Marapulai. My wife is doing her last 3 month of studying cultur science and is helping me every minute she can to do the marketing, advertising, client connection, udating the online shops and writing the story about our business. So I can concentrate on the shoe designing and making process.

We have planned to move to Indonesia to live there for a while. We have there our shoe working space and we want to fully concentrate on making Maraulai Shoes. So now I am already moved to Jakarta, Indonesia since one week and my wife is moving here in three month after finishing her study in germany, too. That´s why we have some of our items shipped from Germany and some from Indonesia. Also I have handcrafted the leather tablet bags, purses, luggage tags and so on by my own in my living room, because in germany our appartement was too small for a whole room as a working space.

The process of making the shoe design, pattern, buying the leather and making the shoes with the help of a learned shoemaker in our own working space to sew on the machine. The shoes are handmade in our working space: We attached some pictures of our working space and our working process. Step by step you see how the single parts of the shoes are fitting together.

Here are some impressions...
pattern making
sewed shoe with shoes lasts
Our reck for shoe material and shoes lasts

sewing the upper leather

Final control

almost finished shoed with shoes lasts

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