30 April 2015

Moving on to a next chapter

Yes we did it! 
We moved to Indonesia for the next step of hopefully growing our business more. 
Our "Marapulai" and "Rangkayo" working space with our shoemaker and workers and our shoe store is here. Ilham already go back (from Germany) to Indonesia last year in July 2014. I had to finish my study in Germany first, so I graduated with a Master degree in March 2015. 

Happy to have my Master and full of hope for our business, I am now in Indonesia, too. So we start our life here from beginning all new. That´s why we don´t write here for a longer time. We are sorry keep you waiting.

Now we have more and more handmade shoes of our two brands "Marapulai" and "Rangkayo" to show you. Have a look here:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MarapulaiClothing

We hope you will brave like us to risk and start something new in your life.

All the best,

Saskia & Ilham

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